Philadelphia Encampment

Philadelphia Encampment Update from Mark Chilutti, District Operations Chairman for Philadelphia Scouting


For five years, the Philadelphia Encampment has provided a great opportunity for Scouting units from the Cradle of Liberty Council to enjoy fun filled activities and unique opportunities provided by our partners in the nearby community. We are grateful to all who provided the leadership and support to make the event a success.

After five years of successful programs, the committee has made the decision to take the program offerings at the Philadelphia Encampment to the next level. To give the committee time to collect your feedback on what you would like to see at future Philadelphia Encampments, we have decided not to hold an event in 2018. Instead, we will focus our collective energy on building a roadmap towards the fall of 2019 so that we can provide an event that will better meet the needs and interests of all of our units.

Be on the lookout for surveys to unit and district leaders that will allow you to provide input on what ingredients will make this “the event” of the Scouting calendar for 2019. A discussion about this event will also take place at the already scheduled Philadelphia District Committee Workshop on September 22.

If you would like to share your thoughts or ideas on the Philadelphia Encampment or would like to be a part of the 2019 Leadership Team, please contact me at



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