National membership fees increase to $72/year for Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Sea Scouts; to $45/year for adult volunteers and Exploring participants.

Download the National Registration & Magazine Pro-Rated Fee Chart:

Pro-Rated Fee Chart

Inviting Back Dropped Scouts

The past year has been difficult on all of us in a variety of ways. Many families, particularly in Cub Scouting, stop participating due to the pandemic. As the world starts to return to some sort of normalcy, we’d like to work in conjunction with our unit leaders to welcome our dropped Scouts and their families back to Scouting. We’ve code named it WOGGLE: Welcoming Back Our Girls and Guys Lost to the Epidemic.

The first wave of this initiative started last week when we sent out an email and survey link to the parents/guardians of dropped Scouts in grades K-4. Our membership teams are now working with a number of Cub Scout packs throughout the council by providing contact information and resources to invite families back. We’ll be expanding this to all packs and then all units throughout the upcoming months.

Is Your Unit Maximizing Online Membership Tools?

We’ve got some great online tools to help recruit and onboard new families, but accurate information and timely follow-up are crucial if we want these tools to work effectively. Join us in June for a series of “Membership Mondays” at lunchtime for some quick tips to help your unit get the most out of these resources. The webinars will be available on-demand after they’re live. Registration is required (you just need to register once and you can choose one or more sessions to attend).

June 14: Following-Up on Leads
June 28: Using Online Applications
July 6: Set-Up Your BeAScout PIN
Register for One or More Sessions
Online Registration and Updating Your Unit's Pin

National Marketing & Membership Webinars

June 17, 2021, 8 PM ET
Escape the Great Indoors!

This webinar will feature a discussion on the Escape the Great Indoors theme and marketing assets, updating and making the most of, and more!

Register for the 6/17 Webinar
Campaign Resources
June 24, 2021, 8 PM ET
Scout Tech Edition

This webinar will take a deep dive into technologies and platforms to help with recruiting. We’ll discuss Online Registration & QR Code tools, Invitation Manager, Application Manager, and more!

Register for the 6/24 Webinar
Online Registration Resources

Unit Recruitment Planning – Important Questions To Ask

  • What does our unit have planned for recruiting?
  • Where do our members come from?
  • Is our unit planning for Family Scouting?
  • Where do we plan to recruit?
  • How do we plan to recruit?
  • Who is helping our unit recruit?
  • Where can our unit look for help?
  • How many new members do we need?
  • Who has contacted our dropped Scouts?
  • What is our unit membership plan?
  • Who is our unit membership chair?

Digital Advertising for Units

Resources from the July 23, 2020 National Recruitment Webinar on Geofencing, Search, Social Media, Peer-to-Peer Recruiting:

Watch the Webinar
Download the Slide Deck

Useful Scouting Wire Articles:

Using Geofencing to Reach More Families
How to Use Social Media to Spread the Word about Scouting

How to Put Scouting on the Map with Google

Your unit can also harness the power of Google to promote and recruit.

Watch the Video

National Recruiting Webinars

Past 2020 Webinars:

June 9: Fall Recruitment Video | Slide Deck

June 24: School Access and Peer-to-Peer Recruiting Video | Slide Deck

July 9: Tech Edition ‚Äď, Invitation Manager Video

July 16: Scoutbook 101, ‚ÄúWho‚Äôs Zooming Who?‚ÄĚ Video¬†|¬†Slide Deck

July 23: Geofencing, Search, Social Media, Peer-to-Peer Recruiting Video | Slide Deck

August 6: 10 Recruiting Ideas in 10 Minutes, Local PR, Brand Center Video | Slide Deck

August 25: It’s Not Too Late: Five Things You Should be Doing Now Video

September 30: Restarting Webinar Video | Slide Deck

October 14: Restarting Webinar Video | Slide Deck

Unit New Member Coordinator (NMC)

Sustaining strong membership in a unit depends not only on having new members join the unit, but also on engaging youth and their families in the unit experiences so that they feel welcomed and want to stay. The role of the New Member Coordinator is to ensure that both keys to success take place.

The New Member Coordinator (NMC) position has been designed to:

– Be a FUN and engaging position.

– Form relationships with new members and their families.

– Use a team approach by encouraging more than one NMC in a unit, allowing them to tailor their work to individual interests/expertise, as well as to recognize the particular needs of the unit.

– Fit every type of unit, every age level and every program.

– Be recruited and supported by key unit leadership.

– Be provided with training both online and face to face.

– Be mentored by the district membership chair and become part of the district membership team.

– Be visible and easily identifiable at unit gatherings by their Welcoming smiles and their BSA ‚ÄúWelcome‚ÄĚ logo that they display and wear on an activity shirt, on a hat or vest or in some cases, a pin on a field uniform.

NMC Resources

2020 Council Recruiting Kickoff

Unit leaders are encouraged to watch the recruiting kickoff webinar from July 28 (registration is required). Additional information about our 2020 initiatives can be found below.

Watch the Kickoff Video
Download the Slide Deck


Printed Materials
Please contact your district membership chair or professional to order the following materials, or submit your unit’s sign-up event here¬†and we’ll contact you to make arrangements.¬†If possible, please allow at least five (5) days¬†for production.
– Fliers (Cub Scout, ScoutsBSA¬† & Venturing):¬†Full-color 8.5×11″ fliers can be printed to promote your unit’s recruitment activities. Fliers¬†can be distributed and posted in schools, community centers, kindergarten and after-school¬†programs, pizza shops, and any other¬†appropriate venues in your community. Cub Scout and Boy Scout fliers available in a bilingual version (Spanish/English) as well.
– Posters (Cub Scout, Scouts BSA & Venturing):¬†Full-color 11×17″ posters are¬†available in the same designs as the¬†flier
– Yard Signs:¬†16×26″ polybag yard¬†signs with stakes to display in front of¬†your unit’s meeting location or in other¬†prominent spots in the community.

Event Resources

Are you planning to have a table at a community or school event?
Want to make a professional first impression with new families?
Branded materials are available for your unit to reserve subject to availability.

See below for a list of item available to reserve, click here to reserve on or more of these items:

– 6′ x 2′ Banners

– 6′ Teardrop Banners

– Table Covers (suitable for 6′ or 8′ tables)

– 10′ x 10′ Pop-Up Tents

Need something that you don’t see here? Let us know!