Treasure Island

Dear COLBSA Family,


I am writing to share some exciting and important information. It has been almost 10 years since Scouts have been able to camp on Treasure Island. After years of exploring different options, Scouts will soon be able to once again pitch their tents at this site, which is also the birthplace of the Order of the Arrow. To make that possible, the Cradle of Liberty Council, Boy Scouts of America announced today the sale of the Treasure Island Scout Reservation to Haubert Outdoor Oriented Adventure Hospitality, LLC, a family-owned business that intends to re-open the historic property as a commercial family campground. Perhaps most exciting from the point of view of Scouters is that our arrangement with Haubert makes Treasure Island available to Scout units so that they once again have access to camping on the island, free of charge, availability permitting.


Treasure Island holds a very special place in the hearts of all members of the Scouting family, and especially those who had the good fortune to enjoy its summer camp offerings year-after-year. We were deeply saddened when the Council was forced to close the camp years ago due to repeated flooding, severe damage to the property’s infrastructure, and significant changes to the DEP requirements that govern the island.


For nearly 10 years, Council leadership sought a way to make the island available to Scouts, by considering options such as: raising large amounts of capital funds to make necessary improvements, selling the island to various government and conservation entities, partnering with other nonprofit agencies, and selling the island commercially. Ultimately, the only viable and realistic option leading to the reopening of Treasure Island for Scout use is the sale to Haubert. Fortunately, the agreement with Haubert will provide a new generation of Scouts the opportunity to enjoy the experience of camping on Treasure Island.


“We understand the rich history of Treasure Island and firmly believe that the partnership between our family and the Boy Scouts will benefit both parties and serve to preserve the legacy of this distinguished piece of Boy Scout heritage,” said John Haubert, Co-Owner of Haubert Outdoor Oriented Adventure Hospitality, LLC. “We look forward to making the island available for camping and other activities for Scout troops, at no cost to the Scouts, as soon as conditions allow us to do this safely and responsibly.”


More good news is that the proceeds from the sale will be placed in the Council’s capital fund, where it has been designated by the Executive Board to be used to enhance the Council’s current facilities and/or invest in additional program facilities in the city of Philadelphia.


To share your feedback on the Treasure Island sale, email or call 484-654-9268.






Dan Templar
Scout Executive/CEO

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