COL Strategic Priorities

To our Scouting Family:


In prior years, our council has built a “strategic plan” to guide its activities over a three-year period. These plans have historically been organized around five key pillars or topics. Those topics generally have been Leadership, Volunteers, Program, Development, and Communications.


This plan structure is consistent with many of the strategic plans built by our national organization and other councils over the years.


In recent times, there has been a shift from a prescriptive strategic plan to that of a set of guiding strategic priorities both at the national organization and local council levels. These strategic priorities generally reflect the top 2-3 items that the organization needs to focus on to generate positive membership growth – the ultimate goal of our movement.


A charm of the strategic priority structure is that it also forces the break down of the silos that the pillar structure presents and forces integration across many of the council operations and committees.


Our ad hoc strategic planning committee has developed three (3) strategic priorities for the council. These strategic priorities will serve as the guiding principles for each council operating committee as they create their respective annual plans. These priorities were reviewed and approved by the Executive Board at the June 12, 2019 meeting.


Our strategic priorities are:

  1. Significantly increase the quantity and engagement of volunteers and staff at all levels.
  2. Diversify the council’s membership at all levels (youth and adult) by embracing the full implementation of Family Scouting, increasing efforts to reach the underserved urban centers, and to make Scouting programs available to any family desiring to participate.
  3. Build state of the art facilities to support the COLBSA programs over the next 7-10 years and maximize income generated from those facilities by developing innovative and sought-after program opportunities.


Download a copy of the council’s full Strategic Priorities


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