COL Strategic Planning

To our Scouting Family:


The Cradle of Liberty Council is proud to present its new strategic plan.  The strategic planning process began in September 2015, and through the efforts of the steering committee, the board, staff, and several volunteer sub-committees over a period of nine months, the 2016-2019 Council Strategic Plan was approved.  This plan will guide our continued efforts to shape young people to make good life choices as they grow to become engaged citizens and leaders.


Summary of Strategic Goals:

Goal 1:  Leadership – Strengthen organizational capacity to bring out the best in our staff.

Goal 2:  Volunteers – Ensure that volunteers are prepared and equipped to deliver high-quality programs.

Goal 3:  Programs & Facilities – Offer exemplary programs that shape lives and offer unique experiences in outstanding facilities.

Goal 4:  Membership – Substantially increase membership and retention to bring Scouting to more communities.

Goal 5:  Development – Assure that the Council is financially sustainable through a robust development program.

Goal 6:  Promote Scouting as an inclusive, important and relevant youth development program.


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Download a copy of the full strategic plan.

Download a copy of the strategic plan summary.


Thank you for all you do for Scouting!