The Boy Scouts of America issues a charter through the local council to a chartered organization (like the church or other organization that owns your unit) which allows it to use a BSA program to serve youth in its community. For example, a Cub Scout pack uses Cub Scouting to serve boys in the first through fifth grades. BSA requires that the charter be renewed annually to continue using the program. We call that annual renewal “recharter”.

In addition to renewing the unit charter, recharter time is when all youth and adult members (leaders) renew their membership in BSA. Member renewals are most of the work. If your unit collects all or part of its member dues or fees on an annual basis, that collection often takes place at recharter too. Your unit should also complete the application for the Journey To Excellence Award. 

  1. Plan: Completed charter renewals should be submitted to Cradle of Liberty Council by 4:30 PM, on November 30th.
  2. Organize
    • Resources
    • Units
      • Chartered Organization Personnel
        • Institution Head (IH) – New Unit application is required if changing
        • Chartered Organization Representative (CR) – signer of adult applications
      • Adult leaders
        • Adequate number:
          • Application for new Scouters:
          • Youth Protection Training valid 3 months into new charter year (03/31/2018)
          • PA Clearances – see COLBSA reference above –
        • Position-specific training – Requirements: see Check List (included below)
      • Youth
        • Application for new Scouts:
        • Minimum of 5. Fewer Scouts needs Scout executive’s approval.
      • Registration amounts
        • National annual membership registration: $33 per person (not Tiger/Lion Adult partners)
        • Boys’ Life subscription (optional): $12 per each subscription
        • National Unit Liability Insurance Fee: $40 liability
        • Accident and Illness Insurance Fee: $2 per person (does not show up in National’s fee calculation. Tiger/Lion Adult Partners ARE charged.)
        • Example: 30 Cubs (including 5 Tigers/Lions); all Scouts getting Boys’ Life; 8 Adult Leaders
          • 30 Cubs * $33 (National registration) plus 30 Cubs * $12 (Boys’ Life) = $990 + $360 = $1,350
          • 8 Adult Leaders * $33 (National registration) = $264
          • 1 Unit * $40 (National) = $40
          • (30 Cubs + 8 Adults Leaders + 5 Tiger/Lion Adult Partners) * $2 (Council liability) = $86
          • Total fees due to Council = $1,740
    • Electronic submission – Complete the 5 steps online and hit “Submit” to transmit to Cradle of Liberty Council: 
    • Paper submission
      • Print the Unit Charter Renewal Report Package.
      • Obtain the appropriate signatures for the renewal application (for both Institution Head and Unit Leader).
      • Attach the signed new member applications if applicable.
      • Attach payment for fees.
      • Deliver all pages of the Unit Charter Renewal Report Package, new member applications, any other requested forms, and payment for fees to your district executive or unit commissioner by November 30th.