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Learn how to use auto share for online direct sales!

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Product Line-Up

Unit Commissions

Unit Orders:

(Orders placed by the unit through the Popcorn System)

Up to $4,999.99 = 30% commission

$5,000 to $9,999.99 = 35% commission

$10,000 and above = 40% commission

Online Direct:

(Orders placed directly by consumers online)

35% flat commission

Your unit will earn an additional 2% commission if no product is returned!


Maximum unit returns cannot exceed 10% of total unit order. All returns must be in factory-sealed cases, no exceptions. Chocolate products are not returnable.

Kernel Connection E-Newsletter

This newsletter will be distributed regularly throughout the popcorn fundraiser and is intended to be a resource for unit kernels (coordinators) to help your unit fundraiser be as successful as possible. Have comments or items to contribute? Please email popcorn@colbsa.org


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Popcorn Facebook Groups

FacebookCradle of Liberty Council Facebook Group:

To facilitate communication, as well as to provide a resource for units to post when they need additional Show and Sell product or have product to unload, we’ve created a Facebook group. It’s a closed group, so you’ll need to request to join.

  • Log into Facebook (if you’re not already)
  • Search for colpopcorn
  • Select Popcorn Fundraiser – COLBSA
  • Click Join Group

You’ll have access to the group once the page administrator approves your join request.
Questions or having difficulty? Please contact popcorn@colbsa.org

Trail’s End Popcorn Community: closed group. Search for the bolded text in Facebook.

Popcorn Nutritional & Allergen Information

You can view nutritional information by going to www.trails-end.com/shop and clicking on the product you want information about. The nutritional information is listed for each product there.