McKenzie Statues

The McKenzie Statue

In 1914 at the request of Dr. Charles D. Hart, President of the then Philadelphia Council, Boy Scouts of America, Dr. R. Tait McKenzie.  created a statuette of the “Ideal Boy Scout.”  His model, selected in a competition of Scout parades, was 12 year old Asa Franklin Williamson Hooven.  Ten bronze 18 inch-high statuettes were cast and subscribed at $100.00 each, by the friends of Scouting.  The edition was closed and Dr. McKenzie presented the copyright to the Philadelphia Council.

Plaster, bronze, and epoxy reproductions were sold, beginning in 1916. Later smaller copies, suitable for desk ornaments, were made available and are now highly popular.  In 1930 when then Philadelphia Council moved from 916 Walnut Street to its 22nd & Winter Streets location, it was hoped Dr. McKenzie would create a life-size statue to stand before the new building.  He obliged, not by reproducing the small figure but with a restudied one with many changes, incorporating the new Scouting insignia.


Scout Douglas Shannon was the “Model in Chief” with Scout Joseph Straub in reserve, but several other Scouts also served as models for head, body and various detailed studies.  The statue was unveiled on June 12, 1937, Dr. McKenzie making the presentation address.  Many life-sized copies are exhibited throughout the United States and in other countries around the Scouting world.


We have an 18-inch fully-bronze statue for very special presentations, such as major donors or endowment gifts.  A life-sized 6-foot model McKenzie statue is also available.  Many councils have added this very fine monument to their service centers, scout reservations, and training centers.  These items are made to order so please allow plenty of time (at least three months) for a receipt.


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We are temporarily out of stock of the 18-inch statues in both the green resin and the bronze resin versions.  Please contact 484.654.9216 or for more information.