Internet Advancement

Internet advancement allows packs, troops, teams, crews, and ships to review and submit advancement and recognition online.  The unit can assure that the data is entered accurately and on a timely basis.

Internet Advancement

The Cradle of Liberty Council Advancement Committee has determined that it will be council policy to require the use of Internet Advancement for all units to report their scouts’ advancement.  For more information on this change, including the reasons behind the decision, the benefits of Internet Advancement and available resources, please visit the main Advancement webpage.

Use Internet Advancement to:

  • Review information on existing advancements
  • Add ranks, merit badges, and awards
  • Print out a report that can be used for purchasing the appropriate recognition items.



  • Select the unit advancement processor. This person must have Internet connectivity and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Obtain a unit ID code from your district advancement chair, district executive, or Council office.



  1. Click Internet Advancement. The first time, you’ll need to register as a first time user, using your access code.
  2. Follow the instructions in Internet Advancement to print out a report of current advancement information for your unit.
  3. Compare the printout with your unit advancement records.
  4. Send corrections to your District Executive for submission to the registrar. You cannot make the corrections yourself. Be careful in providing the correction, to make it as easy as possible for the registrar to read and update. It would be advisable to send copies of the applicable advancement reports with the corrections.


During this process, continue to submit advancement reports as usual, as there could be conflicts between errors and the new information. When checking the online advancement information, remember that it may take a week or two for paper advancement reports to be entered.


Once the Scoutnet information is correct, you can proceed to enter new advancement records online.



  1. Gather information for advancement, including merit badge applications and advancement records with dates.
  2. Click Internet Advancement. Follow the instructions to load the roster, process advancements, and print an advancement report.
    1. Load Roster: In the Load Roster stage, you’ll access current unit data directly from ScoutNET. The ScoutNET data is saved to another database in Internet Advancement. The two databases (ScoutNET and Internet Advancement) are completely separate while you complete each advancement report.
    2. Update Member: In the Update Member stage, add rank and merit badge advancement using the BSA’s advancement rules. Internet Advancement checks the data against the rules and gives error messages for any violations. The errors must be corrected before you can proceed. You may enter new advancements manually, or upload an advancement report from Troopmaster, or other compatible software.
    3. Submit: When the members are updated and the data is validated, submit the advancement file. Internet Advancement sends the advancement information to Scoutnet and updates member records and the unit statistics. Print the Advancement Report, acquire appropriate approval signatures, deliver report to the council and purchase the insignia. Save a copy for your files.


Reports available from Internet Advancement include:

  • Unit Roster, the most current information from ScoutNET, and it will include the person ID for each adult and youth member.
  • Unit Advancement Summary shows ranks, merit badges, and awards saved in each person’s record for current members of the unit.
  • Advancement Report lists each youth member that has new ranks, merit badges, and awards, if any. This is the official unit Advancement Report to be signed and submitted to the office.
  • Unit Awards Summary lists the number of new ranks, merit badges, and awards by name as a shopping list.


It will be useful to print out a report for an Eagle Scout candidate as you prepare the Eagle Application; you can make sure that the unit’s information and the Council’s information matches to avoid delays in processing the application.


Ranks must be recorded based on program identification and in the correct rank and date sequence. Internet Advancement cannot be used for the Eagle Scout rank, nominated awards such as those for meritorious action, and awards that are controlled by other organizations. As BSA policies for rank are revised, the entry screens will be updated.


Only youth members who are registered in the unit and entered into Scoutnet are available for advancement from Internet Advancement. If a unit processor loads the roster and finds that one or more youth members are missing, he or she must submit the approved member applications to the council for registration as additional enrollments, if during the charter term. The unit may process and submit advancements for members who are in the unit and wait to submit advancements for new members later, once they are registered.


The unit processor does not need to complete all advancements in one session. The unit processor may log out and return later. A draft view of the entries saved is available at all times through the Review Advancement Report link.


Units should submit monthly before the end of each month, or more often if needed. In December, submit a report before the end of the month to update unit and council statistics.




If you have any questions or problems in this process, check out Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or contact your district’s advancement chair.