International Committee

Purposes of the Council International Committee:
• To encourage world friendship and Scout fellowship activities within the Council
• To promote contact with foreign Scouting associations or units
• To offer programs to educate Scouts about World Organization of the Scout Movement (WCOM)
• To keep Council leadership informed of International activities and opportunities
How is the Council International Committee Organized?
• The Council International Committee is organized like any Council-level committee
• It serves at the discretion of the Council Executive Board and with the support of the Council leadership
• Members should have extensive Scouting experience and an understanding of international cultures.
Council International Committee Goals and Objectives
• Start or continue Council participation in the International Camp Staff program
• Start or continue Council participation in the European Camp Staff program
• Present an International Scouting elective at the annual Commissioner College
• Introduce and promote the Messenger of Peace initiative
• Prepare an International Scouting display for Council-wide events
• Promote the World Friendship Fund at all Council training and camping events
• Present International Scouting program features at District Cub, Boy Scout and Venturing Roundtables
• Actively assist in participant recruitment and preparation for World Jamborees and World Scout Moots
• Actively promote Jamboree-On-The-Air
• Actively promote Jamboree-On-the-Internet
• Publish regular articles about International Scouting in the Council newsletter and on the Council website



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Contact Information 

Frank Yeung

International Representative