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Cub Scouts


Bobcat Pocket Certificate (single) , No. 34267, SKU 621018
Bobcat Pocket Certificate (8-sheet) , No. 34218, SKU 621019


Tiger Den Advancement Report, No. 220-102
Tiger Den Record, No. 220-111
Tiger Individual Advancement Record, No. 220-114


Wolf Den Advancement Report, No. 220-103
Wolf Den Record, No. 220-112
Wolf Individual Advancement Record, No. 220-115


Bear Den Advancement Report, No. 220-104
Bear Den Record, No. 220-113
Bear Individual Advancement Record, No. 220-116

Webelos/Arrow of Light

Webelos Den Advancement Report, No. 220-105
Webelos Den Record, No. 220-109
Webelos Individual Advancement Record, No. 220-117

Additional Program Resources


Cub Scout Attendance and Dues, No. 220-106
Cub Scout Den Meeting Program, No. 220-107
Cub Scout Den Record, No. 220-108
Family Talent Survey, No. 220-110


Conservation Good Turn Award
Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award Application, No. 512-013
Cub Scout World Conservation Award Application, No. 512-036
Duty to God Religious Awards 
Emergency Preparedness BSA Award , No. 680-602
Interpreter Strips, No. 512-019
Journey to Excellence
National Den Award, No. 511-814

National Summertime Pack Award Application, No. 512-049

Training Awards (Knots)

Unit Leader Award of Merit  , No. 512-003
William T. Hornaday Awards

Program Aides

Health and Safety

Activity Consent Form, No. 680-673
Annual Health and Medical Record
Age-Appropriate Guidelines
Meeting Place Inspection Checklist, No. 6140 

Leader Resources

Campfire Program Planner
Climb On Safely, No. 430-099
Cub Scout Day Camp Administration Guide, No. 430-338
Cub Scout Outdoor Program Guidelines
Guide to Working With Scouts With Special Needs and disABILITIES, No. 510-071
Individual Campout Checklist for Pack Overnighter
Outdoor Events for New Cub Scouts
Pack Meeting Planning Sheet
Planning Your Annual Pack Budget
Pack Operating Budget Worksheet PDF  | Excel
Resident Camping for Cub Scouts, Webelos Scouts, and Parents, No. 13-33814
Cub Scout Parent Information Guide
So You’re a New Cubmaster
So You’re a New Den Leader 
So You’re a New Pack Committee Member 
So You’re a New Tiger Cub Den Leader 
So You’re a New Webelos Den Leader
Unit Advancement Report
Unit Money-Earning Application, No. 34427 

Membership Recruiting and Leadership Selection

Cub Scout Parent Information Guide
Adult Registration Application: English No. 524501  and Spanish No. 524502
Youth Member and Leadership Transfer Notice, No. 524-401 
Youth Application: English No. 524-406  and Spanish No. 524-423

Scouts BSA

Scouts BSA/Varsity Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet

Individual Scouts BSA Record

First Class Tracking Sheet

Campfire Program Planner

Troop Resource Survey

Troop Meeting Plan

Annual Health and Medical Record

Adult Leaders
Insurance and Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting Resources and Forms


Incident Reporting Resources

Consider the possibility that an accident could occur involving your unit. Take proper steps in advance, not only to eliminate potential hazards but to fully protect yourself and others responsible for the outing. . A review of the DVD, Scouting Safety Begins With Leadership, No. 19-201, will prepare you for the potential hazards faced during outdoor activities. An adequate emergency fund will cover minor emergencies

Incident Reporting

The following procedures apply to adult leadership at the scene of all incidents.

Most important, first care for the injured and prevent further injuries. Call 911 for help and begin providing first aid. If the incident occurs at camp, immediately notify the camp director or camp ranger. If the incident occurs at a location other than a council camp, notify the unit leader or other adult leadership. If the incident is life-threatening, call 911 first.

Adult leaders are responsible for informing their council Scout executive or designee of an incident as soon as possible.

Leaders should be prepared to give specific facts regarding:

Who? Name and age of the subject, as well as the name, age, and complete address of parent(s) or next of kin
When? Date, time of day
Where? Location and community
What? Nature of illness or accident
How? Illness/accident details, if known (e.g., swimming, boating, hiking)

The local council has a crisis communications plan, and the Scout executive will designate one spokesperson in order to avoid conflicting reports. Once proper authorities have been notified, the adult leadership should gather factual information at the scene using the Incident Information Report found in the appendix. These reports can be supported by photographs, diagrams, and statements of witnesses, leaders, and members of the group. The report and documentation should be provided to the council representative immediately.

All incidents beyond Scout-rendered first aid must be reported using the Incident Information Report.



Please email, or fax, 610-688-2951 forms once completed.

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