Entertainment® Fundraiser


We’ve partnered with Out of the Box Fundraising to bring your unit a turn-key fundraising solution!


We’re offering units the opportunity to “Fund Your Adventure” by selling Entertainment® Digital Memberships. This fundraiser takes the place of our previous Camp or Adventure Card sales.


The Entertainment® Digital Membership Fundraiser is completely CONTACTLESS using a powerful platform called Raisy™. Raisy™ allows you to VIRTUALLY reach out to your own network across the U.S. and Canada by email, text, and social media. Friends and family can support your fundraiser in a few clicks.

500,000+ exclusive local and national offers • Deepest discounts: 2-for-1 & up to 50% off
Average savings value per offer: $20.32 • Average annual member savings: $232.52

The Entertainment® Digital Membership sells for $25 and provides a mutually beneficial WIN-WIN-WIN solution:


WIN: Groups raise necessary funds

WIN: Support local businesses

WIN: Families save on things they do everyday


Best of all, there is no money for you to collect or product to pass out. Supporters will pay on Raisy™ and receive their Digital Membership via email!


Units receive a 38% commission on each sale ($9.50 per Digital Membership). Unit commissions will be distributed beginning in June.

Spring Fundraiser Newsletter

This newsletter, which will be distributed throughout the fundraiser, is intended to be a resource for unit coordinators to help your sale be as successful as possible.

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Unit Fundraising & “Scout Accounts” Information

The Boy Scouts of America has released guidance on unit fundraisers and the use of “Scout Accounts” (individual accounts held by the unit with amounts set aside for each Scout). All unit leaders are encouraged to review the information below regarding these guidelines and policies.

– “BSA offers guidance on individual Scout accounts” – Bryan on Scouting, Scouting Magazine 12/3/14.