Dollars for Doers

Dollars For Doers

Can that money be used for my Unit?

Matching gifts are intended for the parent organization. Since the Boy Scouts of America charter units to Chartered Partners, the Cradle of Liberty Council’s charitable organization number {501(c)(3)} is for the business of Scouting. in order for units to receive a matching gift the charter partner must qualify under the requirements of the granting organization and your chartered partner must be willing to filter the matching gift to your unit. Money donated to the Cradle of Liberty Council will be credited as contributed through the individual and also the unit. Unfortunately, the Cradle of Liberty Council cannot use its 501(c)(3) number to accept contributions for your unit. Every gift contributed is recorded and the appropriate recognition and reporting requirements are followed.

How about Dollars for Doers?

Like Matching gifts the funds contributed to the Cradle of Liberty Council’s 501(c)(3) number are meant for the Cradle of Liberty Council’s operating expenses. Every gift contributed is recorded and the appropriate recognition and reporting requirements are followed. Dollars for Doers is a gift made on your behalf for time contributed to an organization that qualifies. Most companies contribute up to twice a year anywhere from $250.00-$1000.00. Please see your HR department for specific requirements.

How can I find out if my company will match my contribution?

The best way to find out is by asking your HR representative. Below is a list of companies that have matched gifts in the past, but many more have and will.


Volunteers are so giving of their hours to the Boy Scouts; without them there would be no BSA. Wouldn’t it be great if local businesses gave back to the same organizations their employees give their free time to? Good news! Dollars for Doers IS just that! In this program, a company will donate money for volunteer hours worked by its employees in support of the Boy Scouts!


Different companies give at different amounts, but just ONE Cubmaster this year has earned almost $10,000 for Scouting in the Philadelphia area! Talk about the difference that a single person can make!


Please take a moment to look over this ONE page list of companies and if any adults that work for them volunteer their time to the Scouts, have them contact Deanne DiMarco at 484-654-9216 or


Additionally they can ask their company’s HR representative about Dollars for Doers.


There are so many companies looking to give funds to organizations that are changing the face of local communities. Help Scouting in Philadelphia continue to grow by getting the support of our local businesses! Thank you for your support!


View a list of participating companies in Dollars For Doers!