UPDATED: Forms Due April 1, 2024

Camperships are scholarships for youth registered in the Cradle of Liberty Council. The amount of the campership is dependent on the need of the Scout and available dollars at the time of determination. The amount of the Campership may not exceed 50% of the total cost to attend the program except for Philmont where the max total award is $600.


Campership applications for Summer Camp programs must be summited by April 1.


To be eligible to apply for a campership you must be a Cradle of Liberty Council Scout participating in a Cradle of Liberty Council Cub Scout Day Camps, Resica Falls Summer Camp, or the Council-led Philmont Contingent.


In addition to the Cradle of Liberty Council-supported camperships, the Jewish Committee on Scouting (JCOS) also offers camperships for Jewish Scouts. If you are a Jewish scout and want to learn more about the JCOS Camperships, click here.

Financial Aid (Campership) Application

Campership ``Financial Aid`` Form

For Questions contact the Camping Department at or 484-654-9218.

Other fundraising opportunities are available:


Popcorn program