“Ring the Bell” Unit Recognition Program

Your unit will be recognized as best in class in one or more of the five categories by taking the actions listed during this calendar year. The criteria are based on best practices and help ensure that we’re working together to foster safe, positive experiences for our members. The more bells you ring, the more recognition your unit receives! Units will be recognized in the following calendar year.


  • Ensure council’s strategic focus is aligned to support quality unit programs.
  • Focus on criteria that are the most critical right now in fostering safe, positive unit-level experiences for members.
  • Encourage and recognize units for taking actions based on best practices.
  • Motivate units to be the best they can be in serving youth and families throughout the council.


  • DCL = Direct Contact Leader: unit leaders and assistants, all den leaders and assistants
  • COR = Chartered Organization Representative
  • BALOO = Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation
  • COL = Cradle of Liberty Council
  • NYLT = National Youth Leadership Training
  • Unit Key-3 = Unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Advisor, or Skipper), unit committee chair, and chartered organization representative


Safety: The health and safety of our members is the top priority.
  1. At least half of DCLs complete Incident Reduction and Reporting Training.
  2. At least one leader has a current recognized first aid/CPR certification.
  3. Assign a trained leader to serve as the unit’s safety & incident reporting champion.
  1. All DCLs and CORs have completed Position Specific Training and are current with Youth Protection and Hazardous Weather Training (as of 12/31).
  2. At least one DCL participates in in-person continuing education (participant or trainer) each year. For packs, at least two DCLs have completed BALOO.
  1. Hold a council camp promotion or have Scouts attend a Cradle of Liberty Council summer camp program (colbsa.org/camping).
  2. Hold at least one significant service project and report via Internet Advancement.
  3. Conduct a detailed unit assessment with a commissioner.
  1. Ensure your unit’s BeAScout pin is updated (My.Scouting).
  2. Enable and use online registration for youth and adults (My.Scouting).
  3. Plan and conduct at least one open house and submit information at least two weeks prior for digital advertising (colbsa.org/recruit)
  1. Participate in a council-sponsored fundraiser or conduct an approved money earning project (colbsa.org/unitfundraising).
  2. Create or update your unit’s Annual Campaign giving page and conduct the recommended appeal (colbsa.org/familygiving).


  • 1 Bell: Recognition on council website
  • 2 Bells: Above + Early registration for select programs
  • 3 Bells: Above + 15% discount for youth attending COL NYLT and adults attending COL Wood Badge
  • 4 Bells: Above + Free rank advancement badges
  • 5 Bells: All four previous recognition items plus:
    • Special council shoulder strips for all members
    • Extra free leader at COL Summer Camp or one free youth for COL NYLT or one free adult for COL Wood Badge

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the program start? The first year of the program will be 2024. We’ll be rolling out the program throughout the first half of the year.
  • When must requirements be met? Within the calendar year and no later than December 31; this is an annual program.
  • How does our unit submit completion of requirements? Completion tracking is the responsibility of the council; units will need to submit some information via online forms (all links will be included within the requirements listed above).
  • How do we know if we qualified? Unit key-3s will be notified in January about the requirements the unit met for the previous year.
  • When is recognition given out? In the following calendar year (after units are notified in January).
  • What is in-person continuing education? This includes courses like Wood Badge or those offered at University of Scouting
  • How do we assign a leader to be the unit’s safety and incident reporting champion? A link will be included in the Safety section above and at colbsa.org/safety by the end of April 2024.
  • Where do we find information about the Incident Reduction and Reporting training? These will be virtual instructor-led courses offered throughout at the year. Dates will be published at colbsa.org/safety in the second quarter of 2024 and a link to the information will be included above in the Safety section.

The Firestone Scouting Resource Center Summer Hours, Memorial Day to Labor Day.

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