Life to Eagle

Life to Eagle Packet

Life to Eagle Information Packet for Life Scouts


The Life to Eagle Packet contains several items needed on your trail to Eagle Scout.  This letter provides important information on the steps to follow as you travel from Life to Eagle and council-specific procedures  and clarifications
on fundraising for your project.

It also includes the Council’s Eagle Application Reference Letters Policy and a form you can use for the Statement of Life Ambitions.


Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook


Only the official Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook is to be used. Information on how to download a fillable pdf is available at the above link. This electronic workbook include expandable text boxes and the ability to insert images. It also includes a section “Navigating the Eagle Scout Service Project; Information for Project Beneficiaries”.


Eagle Scout Rank Application


2020 COL Life to Eagle Infomation Packet


Life to Eagle Presentation


The key documents and references you will need on your final step on the Trail to Eagle are provided here.  This information is updated regularly and you should check this page as you finish one key task and before beginning the next task.

District Contacts For Eagle Project Reviews And Boards Of Review

Contact the person indicated for District-specific information related to having your Eagle Service Project Proposal approved or the Eagle Board of Review

District Contacts
District Eagle Rank Service Project Approval Eagle Board of Review
Baden Powell Eagle Project Contacts Frank Barger
Conestoga Bob Wetzel Bob Wetzel
Jim Gardener
Joel Jeffries
Constellation Paul Wissell Paul Wissell
Continental Bill Hunsberger, (215) 234-8876 Bill Hunsberger, (215) 234-8876 
General Nash Austin Armstrong, (267) 218-1817
Jo Anne Strom, (215) 723-7812
Dave Arnold
Lafayette Steve Bani Kevin Scholl
Minquas Mark Furey Mark Furey
Northern Alvin Mitchell Alvin Mitchell
Roosevelt Mark Davis, (215) 534-1072 Mark Davis,  (215) 534-1072
Triune Kevin Jones
Gary Hodge, Sr
Kevin Jones
Gary Hodge, Sr.
Washington Mr. Mike Bernard, (267) 872-8644
Mr John Capps, (215) 589-0271
Mr. Robert Gaston, (215) 378-4114
Mr. Joseph Heath, Sr., (267) 240-8311
Mr. Frank Mele, (215) 657-8234
Mrs. Charlayne Sutton, (215) 828-7418
Mike Bernard, (267)872-8644
Bob Gaston