Learn How to Fund Your Scouting Adventures with Popcorn and Have Fun at Dave & Buster’s FOR FREE! (space limited)



These are FREE events and are limited to the first 75 Scouts registered per location. (Scouts may only be registered for one location.) Scouts participating will attend a Popcorn Sales Training for a ½ hour with food provided and will then be given a $15 game card for access to unlimited video game play! Scouts must be accompanied by an adult. Adults or other family members wishing to purchase food, beverages or game cards may do so directly from Dave & Buster’s at the event.

*Parking is $15 at this location, but a $7 voucher for food/games will be provided for each parking fee paid.

Space is limited, so register today with the buttons below. (Online registration required in order to participate!)

RSVP For August 12 Scout Training - Plymouth MeetingRSVP For August 19 Scout Training - Philadelphia

Order #1 (August Show & Sell) Pick-up Information

Units that placed Order #1, product pick-up will be during the Council-Wide Roundtable and Popcorn Kickoff on Saturday, August 26, from 10am-2pm at Victory Church, 2650 Audubon Rd, Audubon. Pick-up times will be from 9:30 AM to 2 PM. Times are not being assigned to units, so just stop by.

Product may be available on August 26 for units that haven’t placed an order on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact your district’s kernel or executive to make arrangements prior to that day.

Make sure to go into the church for the Council-Wide Roundtable before or after you pick-up your popcorn to get Kickoff & Tasting Kits, Scout Order & Prize Forms, other resources and to attend Popcorn Training.

Sign-Up Your Unit to Participate in Popcorn!
Click here to Sign-Up/View WebinarsClick here for Resources & Training

Planning and conducting a strong program is the best way to keep your Scouts active and interested in Scouting. Funding that program is equally important—otherwise great plans can’t become a reality. The annual popcorn fundraiser is a proven approach to ensure that your unit can meet its program and financial goals while teaching your Scouts the importance of earning their own way. Units have used the monies they raise to cover the cost of badges and advancement, outings, trips, and summer camp fees.

The popcorn fundraiser is administered by the Cradle of Liberty Council to help make your unit successful. Here are some benefits:

  • No Up-Front Costs: Units keep their commission and pay by December.
  • Turnkey Program: Training, order forms, online ordering, Scout prize program, and other resources are provided free-of-charge.
  • Proven Product Quality: Trails End provides superior, high-quality products. Always remember, however, we’re really selling Scouting adventures–popcorn is the thank you gift.
  • Teaches Life Lessons: Earning your own way, salesmanship, confidence, financial responsibility, and leadership to name a few. The fundraiser also provides opportunities for Scouts to earn advancements and merit badges.
  • Support: The council popcorn team, made up of volunteers and staff, stand ready to assist your unit with a successful fundraiser.
  • Over 73% Goes to Local Scouting: Not only does your unit raise the money it needs to fuel its program, but a portion of the sale benefits the council as a whole by helping us serve volunteer leaders and members by providing better programs and camping facilities.

2017 Webinar Series

All Unit Leaders, Popcorn Kernels (Coordinators) and parents are invited to join us for any of our one-hour Popcorn Fundraiser Webinars, held every other Wednesday through July and August at 6:30pm. These are intended to be an interactive resource for those new to the popcorn fundraiser, as well as a refresher and update on new items for returning volunteers.

Pre-registration is necessary to receive the emails with the webinar login information. Click the links below for additional information on each webinar and to register.

July 12 –  Popcorn Fundraiser: Webinar #1: Popcorn Fundraiser Overview (click to view)

July 26 – Popcorn Fundraiser: Webinar #2: Unit Ordering/Online Popcorn System (click to view)

August 9 – Popcorn Fundraiser: Webinar #3: Scout Prize Program & Bonus Incentives (click to view)

August 23 – Popcorn Fundraiser: Webinar #4: Conducting a Unit Kickoff (click to register)

Resources & Training

Show & Sells at Wawa Locations

On September 30 or October 1, many of our units will have a great opportunity to sell at a selection of Wawa stores in our area. Wawa has graciously allowed Scouts this opportunity for many years at their available and approved locations, with site coordination through the local council.
The Wawa Location Lottery is now open, and will remain open until August 31st.  Results, containing a list of all available locations and the unit scheduled to sell from 10am – 2pm on that Saturday OR Sunday, will be posted here the first week of September. Note that not all Wawa locations are made available due to safety and logistic concerns or pending Wawa renovations.
Click Here to Enter the Wawa Location Lottery
Please review the additional safety rules and guidelines provided by Wawa, that must be followed when selling popcorn:
  • Solicitations must be at least ten (10) feet away from any door of the store as designated by General Manager
  • A maximum of four (4) people at any one time — at least 1 adult if there are minors — Minors must ALWAYS be accompanied by adults
  • Group uniforms/identification must be worn (BSA Field Uniform, “Class A,” is preferred)
  • To protect solicitors, if there are no safety bollards, your vehicle must be parked in a space directly in front of your collection area excluding handicap or non-designated parking spaces, and remain there for the duration of the activity
  • Duration of activity must not exceed four day light hours, 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM
  • Solicitations may not be conducted in an aggressive or confrontational manner
  • Smoking is prohibited while soliciting customers
  • Porch area must not be blocked
  • No individual sales will be approved outside of the Council level arrangement
When members of your pack or troop arrive at your Wawa location, please set up as outlined above, and introduce yourself to the manager on duty to let him know that you are there. If any issues arise, please email popcorn@colbsa.org

Show & Sells at SEPTA Locations

Once again, the Cradle of Liberty Council has obtained a permit from SEPTA for Scouting units to sell popcorn at selection of stations, listed below, from Saturday, August 26th through Friday, October 27th . The permit covers the following list of SEPTA locations, please note that not every SEPTA location has been approved due to space, safety concerns and station ownership.

Units can reserve a date to sell at any of these stations, on weekdays from 3-7pm or on weekends from 11am-4pm.  When selling at the station, a copy of the permit available. Scouts must be accompanied by appropriate adult supervision at all times, must not obstruct any foot traffic, and must obey any posted rules or direction by SEPTA authorities on the premises.

To make arrangements for your Scouts to sell at one of the stations below, please send your request with your unit number, requested station and requested date to popcorn@colbsa.org.  You will receive a response with approval, if no other unit has reserved the space, as well as a copy of the permit for your unit to display.

 Download a SEPTA map with the approved locations highlighted in yellow, click here
69th Street Terminal
Ambler Station
Ardsley Station
Bethayres Station
Broad Street & Olney Avenue
Conshohocken Station
Crestmont Station
Elkins Park Station
Elwyn Media Station
Fort Washington Station
Frankford Transportation Center
Hatboro Station
Market & Broad Streets
Market East  (the Gallery)
Meadowbrook Station
Melrose Park Station
Morton-Rutledge Station
Moylan-Rose Valley Station
Noble Station
Orland Station
Penlyn Station
Roslyn Station
Rydal Station
Suburban Station
Swarthmore Station
Wallingford Station
Willow Grove Station
Wyndmoor Station

Contact Information

PhiladelphiaField DirectorLonce Scott484-654-9270
Northern DistrictSenior District ExecutiveJoe Leiss484-654-9261
Popcorn KernelRae Whatley
Roosevelt DistrictDistrict DirectorJavon Arnold484-654-9260
Triune DistrictDistrict ExecutiveAaron Munson484-654-9263
Popcorn KernelArlene Gray
Montgomery CountyField DirectorNick Nowak484-654-9209
Baden-Powell DistrictSenior District ExecutiveBob Ames484-654-9204
Popcorn KernelStuart Christ
Continental DistrictDistrict DirectorAdam Smith484-654-9227
General Nash DistrictDistrict ExecutiveDave Broadhead484-654-9227
Popcorn KernelBeverly Banks
Lafayette DistrictDistrict ExecutiveMark Leeper484-654-9241
Washington DistrictSenior District ExecutiveRyan Martin484-654-9217
Popcorn KernelChad Kealey
Delaware CountyField DirectorDave Bryan484-654-9210
Conestoga DistrictDistrict ExecutiveNile Lyons484-654-9232
Constellation DistrictField DirectorDave Bryan484-654-9210
Minquas DistrictDistrict ExecutiveDave Bryan484-654-9210
Popcorn KernelVince Benchino
Council Staff AdvisorDirector of Field ServiceGreg Osborn484-654-9239
Council Staff AdvisorField DirectorNick Nowak484-654-9209
Council Staff SupportField Service SpecialistAmy Davidson484-654-9229
General Email: popcorn@colbsa.org

Important Dates

Product Line-Up

Scout Prizes & Incentives

2017 Prizes Coming Soon!

Prize Vault “Fill-A-Sheet” Drawings

Scouts who fill an order sheet will have the opportunity to submit their order form(s) to be entered into two “Prize Vault” drawings, one at the mid-point of the fundraiser and one at the end.

For each drawing, 10 lucky Scouts will be randomly selected to attend a pizza party in their honor and choose a prize worth approximately $100!

Deadlines for entries: September 23 and November 11.
Prize Vault Pizza Parties will occur in October and December; availability of winners will help determine the exact dates of the parties.
  • Scouts get one entry per filled order sheet per drawing
  • Submit filled sheets (with Scout’s full name, unit type (pack/troop) and unit number) in one of the following ways:
    • Scan and email to popcorn@colbsa.org (include subject as Prize Vault)
    • Fax with cover sheet to 610-688-2951
    • Bring copies (keep originals!) to the corresponding product pick-up days

Kernel Connection E-Newsletter

This weekly newsletter, which will be distributed regularly throughout the popcorn fundraiser, is intended to be a resource for unit kernels (coordinators) to help your unit fundraiser be as successful as possible. Have comments or items to contribute? Please email popcorn@colbsa.org

Click here to subscribe

Make sure to select the **Popcorn Fundraiser email list in order to get the newsletter.

Popcorn Facebook Group

FacebookTo facilitate communication, as well as to provide a resource for units to post when they need additional Show and Sell product or have product to unload, we’ve created a Facebook group. It’s a closed group, so you’ll need to request to join.

  • Log into Facebook (if you’re not already)
  • Search for colpopcorn
  • Select Popcorn Fundraiser – COLBSA
  • Click Join Group

You’ll have access to the group once the page administrator approves your join request.
Questions or having difficulty? Please contact popcorn@colbsa.org

Popcorn Nutritional & Allergen Information

For nutritional and allergen information about Trail’s End popcorn, please visit:


At that site you will find detailed information about gluten, dairy, nuts, trans fats, etc. as it relates to the Trail’s End popcorn products.

 Prize System Access & Ordering

Unit Kernels can place their prize orders through one of two methods:

Through the Popcorn System (Try this first)

  1. Log into www.scouting.trails-end.com with your established username and password.
  2. On the main menu, click the word PRIZE.  Note that the main menu may show horizontally across your screen or may be a drop down when you click the word TUTORIAL.

Directly through PrizeMania

  1. Navigate to www.bsaprizemania.org
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to:a) enter your email address as your username and enter cradleofliberty as your passwordb) retrieve your passwordc) request new logon (response confirmation within 24 hours)

If any unit kernels are not able to access the prize system, please email popcorn@colbsa.org and we’ll assist you in setting up your account.

Placing Your Order

Once you access the system, this video will help you navigate the system to place your order.

Council Events & Activities