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Over 400 Youth to Participate in Inner City Camping Experience

5th Annual Philadelphia Encampment Returns to Lighthouse Field

Philadelphia, PA (October 18, 2017) – The 5th Annual Philadelphia Encampment, hosted by the Cradle of Liberty Council, Boy Scouts of America (COLBSA), will take place at Lighthouse Field in Kensington from October 19-22. The annual weekend camping exhibition includes a host of outdoor activities, games, team-building exercises and skills training for Scouts in the Greater Philadelphia region. Youth will begin arriving with their units on Friday, engage in a full day of activities on Saturday, and depart on Sunday afternoon.


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Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown Hosts Boy Scouts at City Hall

The Cradle of Liberty Council Shares Scouting’s Impact on Philadelphia Youth with Philadelphia City Council

PHILADELPHIA (October 16, 2017) — The Cradle of Liberty Council, Boy Scouts of America (COLBSA) recently presented “Scouting’s Impact on Philadelphia Youth” during a special briefing for members of the City Council of Philadelphia. Councilwoman At-Large and Majority Whip Blondell Reynolds Brown hosted the City Council briefing in the Caucus Room at City Hall. “It was our pleasure to partner with the COLBSA as they shared the positive impact their youth programs are making in districts throughout the City of Philadelphia,” said Councilwoman Brown.


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Message to Our Cradle of Liberty Scouting Family – 2017 National Scout Jamboree Statement

Wayne, PA (July 31, 2017) — 

During the past 48 hours, we have received countless emails, voicemails and social media messages from our valued parents and leaders within our Scouting family regarding the address made by the President at the National Scout Jamboree this week. We want to thank you for reaching out to us to share your thoughts and opinions. The Cradle of Liberty Council heard your concerns and as we shared in an earlier statement, see below, we apologize for anyone who was offended. Our National Chief Scout Executive, Michael Surbaugh heard you also, and issued an apology on Thursday. You can click on the link below to read his full statement:




In addition to echoing Chief Scout Executive Surbaugh’s remarks, we want it clearly understood by all that we believe that, without comment on the content of his words, many of the President’s off script partisan remarks were inappropriate in the context of addressing thousands of youth at a Boy Scout national jamboree.  We owe it to the youth whose characters we are molding in the best tradition of Scouting’s ideals to seize a teachable moment.  To that end, we expect to debrief with our Jamboree Scouts and leaders in the coming weeks to allow them space to express their thoughts on the experience and to remind them and ourselves of the importance of upholding the Scout Oath, Scout Law and the enduring values of civility and respect at all times.

2017 National Scout Jamboree Statement

Wayne, PA (July 25, 2017) — The Cradle of Liberty Council, Boy Scouts of America has a longstanding tradition of upholding the values set forth by the Scout Oath and Law. These values guide us each day as we shape the lives of the more than 16,500 youth we serve in Philadelphia, Delaware, and Montgomery counties. Instilling a sense of citizenship in young people within our reach is at the core of Scouting’s mission. To that end, for the past 80 years, the Boy Scouts of America has embraced a tradition of inviting the current President of the United States to speak at the National Scout Jamboree, regardless of political affiliation.  The purpose of the 2017 Jamboree is to uplift and empower the 40,000 youth gathered for 10 days of building character, leadership, outdoor skills, and friendships.


The Boy Scouts of America and the Cradle of Liberty Council are non-partisan, apolitical organizations that focus on positive youth development. We stress the character traits embodied in the Scout Law and the conduct embedded in the Scout Oath. We also embrace the importance of civility and respect in daily life. The Cradle of Liberty Council does not endorse any political party, point of view or policies and apologizes to any members, volunteers or charter partners in any way offended by the President’s remarks.

Cradle of Liberty Council, Boy Scouts of America – Brings STEM Education to Southwest Philly

Wayne, PA (January 13, 2017) — The Cradle of Liberty Council, Boy Scouts of America (COLBSA) announced today a new collaboration with the Cobbs Creek Community Education Environmental Center (CCCEEC) to create a Scouting hub in Philadelphia. Located on a 965-acre plot surrounded by Cobbs Creek in Southwest Philadelphia, the historic site is fully equipped with classrooms and full-service laboratories that offer environmental education to City residents.


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