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November 15, 2017

Boy Scouts Create Golden-Winged Warbler Habitat at Resica Falls


The Cradle of Liberty Council, Boy Scouts of America established a conservation committee to develop a forest management plan for its Resica Falls Camp in eastern Pennsylvania. Working with resource professionals, the committee learned about the opportunity to create a golden-winged warbler habitat. Golden-winged warblers depend on early successional forest landscapes for optimal habitat. Forests in the early stages of succession provide the structure, seed sources, and greater plant species diversity that some species need to thrive. Golden-winged warbler populations are in general decline across their range in part because this type of habitat is becoming less common. Forest landowners may therefore need to actively manage their forest property to create this desired habitat.

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October 12, 2017

The Cradle of Liberty Council, Boy Scouts of America (COLBSA) applauds the Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) decision to welcome girls into our Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting programs. Guided by the Scout Oath and Law, the Boy Scouts of America has offered young men and women time-tested programs that build character, citizenship, and outdoor skills for more than 107 years. As Scouting continues to evolve to meet the needs of today’s youth and their families, the COLBSA is pleased to expand our reach to allow younger girls in our region the opportunity to participate in Scouting’s life-changing programs. Furthermore, we are thrilled with the BSAs decision to extend Scouting’s highest award, the Eagle, to deserving young women in the days ahead. The COLBSA intends to lead the way as we roll out our programs to all youth and look forward to making history when our first group of female Scouts advance to the Eagle rank.


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September 2017

The National Council, Boy Scouts of America, has announced that the national membership fee will increase from $24 to $33 effective December 1, 2017.


To deliver the Scouting program to its 2.3 million youth members, it is occasionally necessary for the National Council, Boy Scouts of America to increase membership fees to offset rising costs. As a result, the BSA is increasing the national membership fee to $33 for all registered Scouts and adult members effective December 1, 2017.


Services provided by the National Council include primary liability insurance coverage for all volunteer leaders and chartered organizations, ongoing advances in technology, professional support, new program development and membership recruiting strategies, and support materials.


Even with the fee increase, Scouting remains an incredible value compared to other youth programs.


Pro-rated fees for new members through November 2017 will remain at $2 per month. Starting in December, the monthly pro-rated fee will increase by $0.75 to $2.75 per month. This fee increase will affect the 2018 charter renewal process beginning this fall.


Locally, the Cradle of Liberty Council recognizes that the timing of this announcement may cause units to have to revisit their program budgets as the fee increase will impact charter renewal costs. We apologize for any inconvenience. Our staff and district volunteers are available to assist your unit with fundraising efforts, like the popcorn sale, and can also help your unit develop an annual budget if it doesn’t have one.


During the charter renewal process, the Cradle of Liberty Council will continue to collect the additional $2 per registered youth and adult for local accident and sickness insurance as it has for several years (this local fee is not increasing). The $33 national registration fee per member, while collected by the council, is forwarded in its entirety to the National Council.


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Boy Scouts, STEM and Cobbs Creek Community Education Center

7th Annual Gala

Cradle of Liberty Council, Boy Scouts of America

We are excited to share the coverage of the Cradle of Liberty Council, Boy Scouts of America’s 7th Annual Gala, which aired on May 31 on 6ABC, NBC10 and WPHL-17.

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