Historical Trails

Valley Forge Historical Trail Pamphlet

Take your unit on a tour of the first Valley Forge Encampment

Scouts have been visiting Valley Forge since scouting began in America in 1910.  In 1912, Scouts held their first Valley Forge Pilgrimage.  Take your scouts on a historic trail of Valley Forge Park.  Discover the site of the most famous of George Washington’s military encampments of the Revolutionary War!


This book is your guide to taking the trail.  We recomend one book per leader/patrol leader.  Books are copyright protected.


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Philadelphia Freedom Trail Pamphlet

Take your unit on a tour of Historic Philadelphia

Discover how George Washington was nominated to command the Continental Troops!  Learn how our Founding Fathers established the First Continental Congress.  See the grandeur and learn the history of the Famous Liberty Bell! Visit Independence Hall and see the Declaration of Independence!


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Ben Franklin Trail

Take your unit on a tour in Old Philadelphia on the Ben Franklin Trail!

Benjamin Franklin has been called “the Apostle of Modern Times”, and the “First Civilized American.” Benjamin was born in Boston Massachusetts and moved to the city of Philadelphia where he ran his own printing business. After years of hard work, he retired at an early age and became a public servant in Philadelphia. Follow the trail to discover the amazing events in the life of Benjamin Franklin, including the drafting of the Declaration of Independence, his fascinating Invention of the lightning rod, and his part in the abolition of slavery.


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